Bike & Garden Storage 2m 2m




We provides absolute top quality storage units exclusively designed to be sturdy yet lightweight and enough to be carried through narrow passageways. The meticulously engineered storage units provide ample room to store your bikes or gardening tools/accessories even in space constrained difficult or inaccessible __cpLocations. The stronger yet lightweight robust construction provides ultimate safety and security to your valuables even from most determined thieves.

Undoubtedly, our units are the most popular choice for securely storing your bikes or garden tools or any such valuables and gives you a peace of mind to focus on your other priority tasks.

Unique Features and Benefits

Chassis and Floor :

  • OSB 3, 18 mm thick pre-assembled strand board
  • Strong load bearing, highly durable moisture resistance strand board
  • Norbord panel securely screwed to a pre-assembled section
  • Galvanized steel box fitted with sturdy 18 mm thick grade OSB 3 Norbord

Walls, Door and Roof Panel :

  • Robust 0.60 mm box profile Galvanized steel panels
  • Strengthened with spot welded Galvanized steel frames at edges of all panels
  •  Effective rainwater dispersal from four corners through roof section’s two integral gutters
  • Pre-mounted door into the frame on Galvanized hinges
  • Doors secured with dual insurance rated locks

Additional features and benefits :

  • Simple and easy assembly process in < 45 min
  • Fully Flat Packed best class containers
  • Versatile and flexible for unlimited number of times assembling and dismantling
  • as and when required
  • Smooth and uncomplicated dismantling and easy to transport anywhere
  • Double locking system for additional security
  • High quality materials with best in class outlook and finishing
  • Galvanized container body
  • Sturdy, robust structure to withstand harsh conditions
  • CE Mark approved high standard containers
  • Peace of mind with 5 years of guarantee