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At times you need large open spaces for storing your goods in limited or space constrained settings and it’s a quite a bit challenge to accommodate all your goods within that limited plot areas.  With two side by side linked 3 m stores you can easily solve the problem.

The side linked flat pack containers are expandable by joining additional containers and link kits to the standard bundle.

These side by side links provides all the standard benefits of flat pack storage range with ease of movement of individual components by hand. It also provides the flexibility of erecting in difficult positions within or outside the building as per requirement.

The powder coated linking kits provides longer life to the containers by same time adding an elegant outlook. The green powder coated finish matches the countryside settings and ideal for discrete use.

The side linked bundle comes with 2 doors and each additional store unit comes with extra set of doors for greater flexibility in re-locating the goods in and out of the container.

The flexibility of joining new link units at either side of the doors brings up enormous benefit of erecting storage units especially in restricted spaces.

Also, note that these Side Linked Flat Pack containers can only be joined unidirectionally (i.e. in one direction) for example end on end or side by side.

KEY BENEFITS – 3M X 4.2M SIDE LINKED FLAT PACK STORES Easy to assemble together

  • Unlike shipping containers, these systems come with softer lines to give building like feel once they installed
  • Flexibility to mount and dismount as and when required
  • Provides perfect storage space for larger, lengthy, and bulky items
  • Easy and simple operable doors without being bulky
  • The ease of movement of doors is so good it can be operated just at the turn of a key

The Side Linked Flat Pack containers available for sale, distribution, and delivery across the UK.

Size in Meters

3X4 Meters Long Side Connections, 4X4 Meters Long Side Connections, 2X6 Meters Gable End Connection, 2X8 Meters Gable End Connection

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